This semester has been all over the place with the snow in the beginning and the other classes to balance with. It's safe to say that English 102 was challenging for that aspect alone. While I don't feel like the class aided me as a writer, I will say that the work was more creative than any other English course I've ever taken. The use of Professor Candia's blog for checking assignments was creative, although sometimes hard to navigate and find what you needed for the class. Additionally, creating our own blog was something new I never thought I would have to do for an English class. It was like combining a web design class with a course on poetry and literature. Poetry was also more abundant than other English classes I've had in the past. I remember in English 101 in high school, we only briefly went over poetry, but learning how to break it down and annotate line by line really helped for this course. I also appreciate the freedom of choice for author, that way not everyone has to do a blog on Hemingway (no offense to anyone that chose him, I'm just making a point). If I had to make any suggestions or even had any criticisms on the class, I would say to increase the amount of group work, and enforce each person completing their task collectively. One thing that really helped in English 101 was a lot of group work. It allows peers to express ideas and come together to work towards a conclusion, so I really think students would understand the poems and literature better in this course if that was made more frequent. I want to thank Professor Candia for an amazing semester. I'm thankful for getting my feet wet in the worlds of great authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Langston Hughes, and William Faulkner.